You never listen

You always come up with your own version of what has upset me.  Even when I tell you what it is, you make up your own shit.  Calling me names and bringing up my family.  Of course, I am not happy.  Especially, I am not allowed to do the same.  I am supposed to just forget everything you have done and said.  It makes life worthless, since I am expected to do things but actually you appreciate none of it.

You ask me, what do I think, or if you can do this or that, but I am not actually allowed to say what I really think.  I wish you would either consider my opinion or not ask me if your not going to care much for it.  You can’t make me be happy with something when I am not.

You insist on arguing, going through the same things over and over, sometimes we will just disagree.

I am living an empty life with someone who has no regard for my feelings, all is good as long as I agree with everything. You want me to be like a puppet that smiles and agrees to everything you do.  I wish I was like that.  I wish I had less to say.